About Us

The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) was birthed on June 7, 2000. The name Philadelphia grows out of Revelation 3:7-13 and is a portrait of one of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor.

Historically, Philadelphia was a city established by King Attalus II(159-138B.C.), who was given the epithet Philadelphus (brother lover) because of his love for his brother. The city of Philadelphia was built in a dangerous volcanic area located about twenty eight miles southeast of Sardis. It was completely destroyed by an earthquake hi A.D. 17, but was completely rebuilt. The Church in Philadelphia represents ministry with a strong missionary dimension. It gets that implication from v. 8 through the phrase “behold I have set before thee an open door”. As The Fellowship, Philadelphia is the ministry where brotherly love and sisterly affection are practiced. Fellowship (koinonia) references the open door or the opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and then to practice it in shared venues of ministry to those evangelized by this great gospel. Thus, The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) is a spiritual community partnership which communicates fully the love of God through a strong missionary flavor.

The Philadelphia Fellowship (Baptist) is the foundational ministry of The
Ronnie D. Joyner Ministries, Inc., a non-stock Virginia corporation with 501C-(3) tax exempt status.